Multitouch processing sketches in browser

I found my way back to the studio sketchpad website today, and came across a simple sketch which I had made a while back. I had originally made it for the iPhone, but now I have an Android phone and was wondering if it still worked. All it does is take a number of touch points on the screen then draws a circle at the point with a particular colour corresponding to the number of touch points. The first finger would be red, the next yellow then green, blue and purple. Follow the link with your mobile phone and have a scribble;

Instructable: 4 Frames Interactive Business Card

Instructable: 4 Frames Interactive Business Card

So I made some improvements to the design of the business card, and stuck a link to the file, click the link and check it out!

Here’s the same link thats on the instuctable:¬†

I haven’t yet got a business card so I went about making one. Rather than sticking to the traditional type, I opted to make one that stands out whilst complementing my creative nature. This is what I came up with.
I borrows a concept that I had used for my gif to moire maker, in that you can fit several bits of information on a paper and selective show a fraction of it by placing it behind a filter selectively transparent layer.
This video is a demo of what I have so far.